The Siege of Lady Aloria By Christina McKnight


The Siege of Lady Aloria

Christina McKnight

Historical Romance, Regency, Novella

TheSiegeofLadyAloria1800x2700 Logo readyLady Aloria has experienced firsthand what balls, betrothals, and the ensuing betrayals can do to a woman. To heal her heart, Aloria’s aim is to simply survive her final grand ball before her twenty-fourth birthday, and hope that her parents finally come to terms with her spinsterhood and allow her to retire to the country in peace. Unfortunately, Marcus Adair, the Duke of Wolfeton, has other plans for her future. In town to secure a bride, he has set his sights on Aloria, and no other woman will do. But after a chance meeting in a darkened hallway, Marcus realizes he not only needs Aloria in his life; he desires her above all others. Can Lady Aloria forget her scandalous past to build a future with the Duke of Wolfeton?

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