Spend Valentine’s Week With Your Favorite Heroes


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

When I was asked which one of my heroes that I think my readers would want to spend Valentine’s Day with, one Dragonkine Highlander stood out. More like held his hand up, jumped up and down, and screamed “Pick me, pick me.” So, I laced up my hiking boots and headed down the dirt trail deep into the Great Glen, following the flames to a small cottage nestled in the forest. But before I left, I knew better than to arrive empty handed. I packed some fresh homemade rosemary bread, knowing this kind gesture would please the Highlander immensely.

I’m greeted at the front door by the lovely Kenna MacKenzie; she welcomes me with a warm hug and invites me.

“Rory took a quick jaunt to the loch. He’ll be home soon.” She smiled and took the bread to the table. “This always does the trick.” She winked and cut into the bread. The aroma of rosemary filled the room.

Not a moment later, in walked Rory, soaking wet. I knew it was wrong of me to eye the dragon in front of his mate and my friend, but my eyes couldn’t resist following the droplets of water dripping off his long dark hair and streaming down the well-defined ridges and valleys of his chest, then disappear into his low-hung kilt. He sniffed the air. “Mmm, my favorite…rosemary.”

Walking over to the table, he stood behind Kenna, kissing her neck as he sneaked a piece of bread.

“Dinnae be rude.” She elbowed the dragon in the ribs. “We have a guest.”

Rory peeked up at me from across Kenna’s shoulder and paused. His dark smoldering eyes glared straight through me and my knees went weak. Something about him warned me to tread softly, for he was dangerous to my body and soul.

I cleared my throat and offered him my hand. “Victoria Zak”

“Aye, lass,  what brings ye here?” He popped a hunk of bread in his mouth and motioned for me to take a seat.

Clearly he wasn’t interested in shaking my hand so I gave up on the effort and took a seat across from him and Kenna. “If you don’t mind I have a few questions to ask you–for fun.”

Rory suspiciously glared at his mate, then to me. “Is this trickery, lass?”

“No, Rory, No trickery here.” I said. “Where I come from we celebrate a day of love called Valentine’s Day. It’s a special day for lovers.” I watched Rory turn to Kenna and wiggle his brows. “And I asked Kenna if I could stop in and ask you some questions. My friends have read your story and have fallen in love with you.”


“Aye,” I replied back.

“Go ahead then. I shall no’ disappoint.” He grinned and I took in a breath of relief, thankful I hadn’t upset him. (Dragons can be a wee bit jumpy at times)

“Okay.” I cleared my throat. “My first question What is your strength?”

Rory looked at me with one raised brow as if he wasn’t impressed with my question.”

“Right.” I sank down in my chair feeling like a complete eejit. Zak he’s a dragon for God’s sake! 

“Next question.” I swallowed hard. “What is your Weakness?”

Rory sat thinking. He began to speak, then shut his mouth, placing his finger on his chin; again deep in thought. (I’ll move on. Eye-roll.)

“What would you like to get on Valentine’s Day?”

He glared at Kenna with hunger in his eyes and licked his lips. Kenna was trapped and locked into place, holding his smoldering stare.

I dared to move on. “What would be your perfect date?” My question was completely ignored as Rory stood, sending the chair falling to the floor. Slowly, I watched him stalk my friend like she was prey. (Folks, you know when you hear that wee voice in your head, telling you to do the right thing? Like don’t ask the next question. You know you should listen to it, but you don’t?) 🙂

“What are you giving Kenna for Valentine’s Day?” I snickered as I watched Rory approach Kenna in two long strides, then bend down and throw her over his shoulder. I smiled.

Knowing this was my clue to exit, because no one comes between a dragon and his mate, I made my way to the door, shaking my head at Kenna’s giggles.

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HighlandDestiny011716-2Rory Cameron, an alluring Dragonkine Highlander, has enjoyed his days as a womanizing beast. But lately his sexual appetite has been unfulfilled and he must have the mate he has not yet discovered. When he finds himself in the arms of Kenna Mackenzie, his hope is fulfilled. Can he contain the flames of love until his mate realizes he is the one for her, or will one mistake cost him his whole world?

Kenna Mackenzie must protect her future son at all costs—Scotland depends on it. Running in fear from her betrothed, she finds herself secluded deep within the great glen, far away from the likes of men. When she least expects it, a dragon swoops into her life. Feeling the burn of the seductive flames, will Kenna embrace the fire between Rory and her—or will she flee again?


Tell me your most memorable Valentine’s Day gift and I’ll pick one winner to receive one ebook copy of Highland Destiny.

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45 comments on “Spend Valentine’s Week With Your Favorite Heroes”

  1. By Mary M. Reply

    A floating balloon basket (a 3 foot tall balloon made to look like a hot-air balloon) with a teddy bear on board….. it was the talk of the office.

  2. By Anna Reply

    We weren’t dating yet, but we were best friends. He wrote a poem for me and gave me a bouquet of beautiful flowers, and cooked dinner. We’ve been together ever since, will be married 9 years next month.

  3. By Tina Jacobs Reply

    I normally tell my husband not to do anything for Valentines because our anniversary is on Jan 26th and being so close together there is no sense spending money on both (god forbid I’m practical). One year, however, he had gotten a hotel room at over looking the beach and we spent the weekend out there for Valentine’s. It was one of the best weekends we had in a while even tho we were still in town we were away from our house and just enjoying the beach and each other.

  4. By Diana Tidlund Reply

    mine was in the 90’s… then boyfriend put a valentines ad in the paper asking me to marry him… he had a heart shaped diamond engagement ring to go with it…. we have been together 24 years this year.

  5. By Janice Hougland Reply

    My best Valentine gift was in 1980 when hubby asked me to marry him…and we’d only been dating since the previous November! And, of course, I said “Yes!” Thanks for your participation in this blog hop.

  6. By Linda Johnson Reply

    Our neighbor’s children lined up , from shortest to tallest and sang to me– the produced a rose with a sweeping flourish ….it, of course, from my garden 🙂
    Sweetest gesture ever!

  7. By Angela Covarrubias Reply

    We don’t usually do anything for Valentine’s Day, but two years ago I came down stairs and walked past the kitchen bar, and had to do a double take. There sitting on the counter was red roses, a balloon, a card, and candy. It was so unexpected, and made me very happy! He had come home on his lunch break and left them for me. He is always writing me notes, and poems all through the year.

  8. By Angela Covarrubias Reply

    We don’t usually do anything for Valentine’s Day, but two years ago I came down stairs and walked past the kitchen bar, and had to do a double take. There sitting on the counter was red roses, a balloon, a card, and candy. It was so unexpected, and made me very happy! He had come home on his lunch break and left them for me. He is always writing me notes, and poems all through the year.

  9. By vicki Reply

    Balloons one year. Thanks for the chance to win, I love to read! vickise at gmail dot com

  10. By ShaMona Hagan Reply

    My mother bought me a jewelry set. It was a matching set of ruby heart necklace, earrings and a ring. It was my favorite because it was also my birthstone. No gift before o4 since has topped it and even though the only piece I still have is the necklace, because someone stole the rest. It is still a treasured piece.

  11. By Janie McGaugh Reply

    My most memorable Valentine’s Day gift was the flowers my husband sent me, which was the first time he had ever sent me flowers.

  12. By Kathy Davis Reply

    I think the best gift was a charm bracelet of heart charms. I’ve added charms, but it’s still not complete. It was my husbands most thoughtful gift.

  13. By Bonny Bordeleau Reply

    Hmm… I had just had emergency surgery and was still healing when my honey paid for my two dogs/babies to get there hair washed (yes hair not fur!)I have always washed and gave my two dogs hair cuts myself. It really was quite romantic!

  14. By Michelle Willms Reply

    I have wanted a Yorkshire terrier ever since I was a small child. This was my dream. My boyfriend (at that time) knew this, I supposed, but it wasn’t something we talked about. I had just mentioned it when we’d seen one somewhere and then not brought it up again. Then, the weekend before Valentine’s Day, we went for a drive through the countryside, as we sometimes did, just to spend some time together away from everything. Then, he asked if I minded if we stopped by to see a friend for just a minute. Of course, whatever he wanted to do was fine with me. This friend turned out to be a Yorkie breeder Brian had spoken with weeks ago. He’d arranged for me to have pick of the litter (of three gorgeous pups). I was ecstatic! This was such an amazing and completely unexpected surprise. Brian had saved for me to have this beautiful little companion. Wasn’t that kind, thoughtful, sweet, and glorious?

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