Never Cry De Wolfe By Violetta Rand


Never Cry De Wolfe

Violetta Rand

Contemporary Romance

She loves the man she met in all the books she’s read…. 

Never Cry DeWolfe Violetta Rand

History major Madison Blake spends half her time as the assistant curator at the Opposition City Museum and the rest as a singer in a local nightclub. In order to get a promotion at her day job, she’s determined to land an interview with the elusive, Ramsey De Wolfe, the eldest son of the town’s first family. 

He’s unable to love anyone because of an ancient family curse… 

The only thing Detective Ramsey De Wolfe does better than his job is seducing women. Add a family curse that keeps De Wolfe men from falling in love and you get the perfect playboy. 

Ramsey can’t resist the blond diva he spots on stage at one of his favorite weekend hangouts. But after sharing a night of unbridled passion, he learns she has an agenda—him. 

Disappointed, Ramsey tries to forget her. 

When someone tries to break into Madison’s apartment, instead of dialing 911, she calls Ramsey, and he comes to her rescue. With a serial killer on the loose, he’ll do anything to keep Madison safe. 

Will Ramsey’s past destroy the fragile hope Madison offers, or will he finally defy history and open his heart?

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