Einar Breaking the Sea

He had something to prove.

Einar, the youngest son of Jarl Rognvald ambitiously sails to uncharted territory to prove he can do the impossible: regain his family’s land from the merciless, pirating Danes. When the Danes don’t leave peacefully, it will take an act of Odin for Einar to maintain his iron grip across the perilous island.
Stranded in the Kingdom of Alba after a surprise attack, little does Einar know that Thor’s hammer is about to strike his heart. A brief encounter with a warrior tribe, led by a red-haired lass and her sword, could be his undoing.

A warrior at heart

If watching her father die by the hands of Northmen wasn’t bad enough, the newly crowned king of Alba has bartered a truce with them. Maeve Donald, chieftain of her clan, would rather kill the Norsemen than be forced to be allies, but when the Danes capture her brother, they may hold the key to saving him.

Attracted to the dark, brooding Viking Einar, Maeve’s loyalty to her clan is tested when he offers a plan to rescue her brother. To save him, she must reconcile a lifetime of loathing with her unwanted desire for a heathen—or risk losing everything she loves.

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