LitRing Mega Library Giveaway!

Nothing beats finding–and falling completely in love with–a new book. And then to find out there are MORE?! That you can revisit your Mega Library Giveawayfavorite world and characters again and again? Total bliss.

We’re talking about series, people. If you’re like us, then they have you smitten.

Here’s the thing… We want to help you find your next reading addiction, which is why we’ve put together a list of recommended series across 10 of our readers’ favorite genres.

To make this even better, we’re adding in a giveaway–and a super nice one at that! Make sure you enter to win an antique bookshelf (valued at $300) to house all your new book friends. We also have a Kindle Fire up-for-grabs to give your digital library some love too.

Good luck and happy reading. Enjoy the best giveaway ever!


1 comment on “LitRing Mega Library Giveaway!”

  1. By Rhonda A Sanders Reply

    Your got me hooked with your Fixers & Dragon series. Thank you for hours of pleasure.

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