Highland Dawn By Anna Markland


HIGHLAND DAWN…inspired by Kathryn Le Veque’s Lion of the North.

Anna Markland

Medieval/Highland Romance, Novella

HighlandDawn_Anna Markland

Loyalty, honor, and obligation dictate Keith Starkey’s return to his Highland wife and their loveless marriage. He must leave behind a shy English lass who nursed him back to health after he was gravely wounded and left for dead at the battle of Towton.
Daughter of a murderous traitor, Aurora de la Londe is abandoned by her domineering father when he switches his allegiance to the Yorkists.
She needs a champion, but Keith cannot be that man, despite his attraction to her.
The convent offers Aurora’s only escape from the desolation of a broken heart and the threat of vengeance from the Lancastrians for her father’s treachery.
It seems unlikely these two mismatched souls will find the path to happiness—unless fate intervenes.

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