My Immortal Cowboy

My Immortal Cowboy

There’s a new sheriff in town. With his coven torn apart by corruption, vampire Roman McCoy leads a posse deep MyImmortalCowboy (1)underground to prepare for the battle of their lives. His newest recruit, cowboy RC Reid dies after a bull ride and awakens to a new world with vampire benefits. He now could be the key to taking down the vampire king of Diablo, Texas. Torn between the fanged advantages of his new life and the memories of his old one, there’s one thing RC can’t leave behind, Charlee.

Charlee Brysen lost everything the day a bull killed the only man she’ll ever love. But that’s not the only thing that vanished, so did her dreams for college. Now she’s about to lose her family ranch and will do anything to save it. Stripping for cash, her life is flipped upside down when RC waltzes into her club and demands a lap dance. Besides being dead, there’s another little problem; he has fangs!

As the King of Diablo tightens his icy grip on the coven, Charlee’s life hangs in the balance. RC must save her, but will their love be stronger than blood?

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