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In addition to the amazing prizes listed above, I’m giving away five ebook copies of De Wolfe’s Honor. Here’s what you have to do. Go to my author page on Amazon, follow me and answer this question that can be found in my bio. 

Leave your answer in the comments.

What event took place across the street from my childhood home?


Honor knows no bounds when it comes to love. 

The youngest son of the de Wolfe pack, Thomas de Wolfe, is an honorable knight, who prides himself in sustaining his family’s courageous, legendary name, but in wolf fashion. After a tragic pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Thomas returns home to England a changed man and ready to fulfill his beloved Tacey’s dying wish; to protect her daughter, JewelAna’s, true identity. In order to keep his honor, he must sacrifice his own happiness and deny the alluring pull between him and JewelAna. How long can Thomas keep his oath before the tether that holds him back breaks, unleashing his wolf and his desire to claim his mate? 

Destined to become a princess. 

Pure-blood Welsh princess, JewelAna de Shera, grew up believing that she was born into the legendary English house of de Wolfe, until one day a jaunt into the marshlands of Wales awakens a sleeping malice that reveals a different story. Her true identity is laid bare when a persistent dragon, Fáfnir Wend Draki, comes to collect what is rightfully his; JewelAna. Can she convince Thomas to break his oath and claim her as his own before his wolf is destroyed by the dragon’s flame?

1) Elizabeth Rose                  9) Eliza Knight

2) Kathryn Le Veque         10) Lana Williams

3) Victoria Vane                 11) Barbara Devlin

4) Christina McKnight       12) Amanda Mariel

5) Anna Markland               13) Violetta Rand

6) Christy English              14) Scarlett Cole

7) Victoria Zak                   15) Meara Platt

8) Catherine Kean              16) Hildie McQueen


  1. Leigh hilson

    The Highland Games and your High School band was also seen their

  2. JeanMP

    Highland Games

  3. Ashley M

    The Highland Games!

  4. Michele Hayes

    The annual Highland Games of Dunedin took place right across from your childhood home.

  5. Karen

    The bagpipes beckoned to the Highland Games at the high school across the street.

  6. Petula Winmill

    The Highland Games. That must have been fun to watch. I hope I win because I can´t buy the book here in Spain.

  7. Kryste Herring

    The annual Highland Games

  8. Tina R

    The annual Highland Games

  9. Alan

    From your high school band an the annual Highland Games

  10. ShaMona Hagan

    The annual Highland Games! Now that is something I would love to see as a kid as well as now.

  11. Julie Fetter

    The annual Highland Games

  12. candy briggs

    The highland games, how exciting that must have been. I would love to see one.

  13. lori

    The High School band to the annual Highland Games that took place right across the street from her childhood home.

  14. Natasha Persaud

    The Highland Games thank you for the chance

  15. Angela Covarrubias

    Annual Highland games took place across the street from your house. How cool is that!

  16. bn100

    Highland games


    Annual Highland Games

  18. Kelley L

    the annual Highland Games

  19. Tina J

    annual Highland Games

  20. Molly laird

    Annual highlander games


    The Highland Games! Interesting fact!

  22. Charlotte Gandy

    The Highland Games
    Charlotte G


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