Beautiful Darkness Now Available for a Limited Time Only!

For a limited time only, Beautiful Darkness will be available as part of Dragonblade Publishing’s Dragons, Demons, and Darkness box set! Get this box set, with intriguing paranormal romance stories from authors Paula Quinn, Meara Platt, and Avril Borthiry, for only $.99 on Amazon!

DDD Dragonblade

Dragons, Demons, and Darkness is an exciting collection of series starters that delves into the misty worlds of the unknown, where demon kings live in Regency England, where vampire fairies lure men with their romantic magic, where dragon-shifters fight for the last of their kind, and where mystical symbolism blends seamlessly with passion. True lovers of romance will adore this one-of-a-kind set of full-length novels that bring together the excitement of the paranormal with all of the passion you expect from an excellent romance.

Plus, this box set includes a bonus chapter from an upcoming release from Dragonblade Publishing!

Pick up this sexy paranormal romance today!

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